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Rosie Sanders's Watercolour Paintings at Jonathan Cooper

13/05/2008, By

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British painter, Rosie Sanders will exhibit Cutting Edge, a series of monumental watercolour paintings of flowers, at Jonathan Cooper Park Walk Gallery from 5th June. Simultaneously an example of her work will be on display at the inaugural exhibition at The Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art, Kew Gardens, which Jonathan Cooper, Park Walk Gallery, is sponsoring.

Rosie Sanders’s unique style of painting pushes the boundaries of botanical art with her grand scale, magnified flower paintings. Whilst fitting loosely into the botanical tradition in terms of subject and accuracy, the size of her compositions and intensity of colour, set her apart from her contemporaries and defy categorisation. In these large scale watercolours produced on Arches paper, Sanders explores the sculptural and sensual nature of flowers, at the same time capturing their abstract qualities.

Dr Shirley Sherwood has described Sanders’ painting as ‘at the extreme edge of botanical art.’ (A New Flowering, One Thousand Years of Botanical Art, Ashmoleon Museum, University of Oxford, 2005). The title of the series Cutting Edge, emphasising this view, highlights the way Sanders cuts and crops the frame of the object she is painting, as she ‘looks for a landscape’ within the flower or flowers before her. Her compositions spill over the edges of the paper, as she focus’s on the abstract shapes and patterns in the flowers surface, unique textures and interesting plays of light.

Rosie Sanders (b.1944) lives and works in Devon. This is her 4th exhibition at Jonathan Cooper, Park Walk. She has exhibited at art fairs in both the UK and the USA, including BADA Antiques and Fine Art Fair in London and Art DC, in Washington. For the most part self taught, Sanders has gone on to win the Royal Academy Miniature Award and been awarded five Royal Horticultural Society Gold Medals. She has written several books, the most important of which was the highly acclaimed ‘English Apple’ published by Phaidon Press.

From 19 April, Rosie Sanders’ work can be seen at the inaugural exhibition, Treasures of Botanical Art: Icons from the Shirley Sherwood and Kew Collections, at The Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art, Kew Gardens. The Gallery is the first in the world dedicated to botanical art and will show a large selection of works from both Dr Shirley Sherwood’s and Kew’s own collection.

The exhibition will consist of 15 paintings, and are all watercolour on Arches paper.

Jonathan Cooper, Park Walk Gallery, are established dealers in contemporary figurative art. The gallery represents twenty five of the very best international artists specialising in botanical, figurative and wildlife art. Solo exhibitions are held throughout the year and mixed exhibitions are held at major international art fairs, including the London Art Fair, Art London, Art Toronto and Art DC.

Jonathan Cooper
Park Walk Gallery
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London SW10 OAQ
+44 (0)20 7351 0410
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