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Exhibition - Am I My Brother’s Keeper? Rescue in the Holocaust

24/02/2003, By The Jewish Museum - Finchley

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This Exhibition, which started on 27th January, National Holocaust Memorial Day, the Jewish Museum in Finchley is entitled "Am I My Brother’s Keeper? Rescue in the Holocaust", it is a sensitive new exhibition focusing on Nazi Europe and why a few people were brave enough to risk their own lives to rescue others, what forms this rescue took, and the moral and ethical issues involved.

This exhibition celebrates individual acts of courage but also is designed to provoke deep thinking and discussion amongst schoolchildren. It looks at rescues by individuals, Jews, non-Jews, those in and outside Nazi occupied territory, and governments.

It highlights stories of particular individuals, rescued and rescuers, and with particular emphasis on those now living in Britain. These include Hans Alter and Cirla Lewis, hidden with their families in Holland and Belgium, Jack Kagan who escaped a labour camp and lived with the Russian partisans, Walter Goddard who escaped from Denmark to Sweden on a rowing boat and Roman Halter hidden by a German couple after escaping from a death march. Rescuers include Rabbi Solomon Schonfeld and Nicholas Winton. Some of those whose stories are told will be available to give talks.

The exhibition is also for educational use, and its content fits closely with current themes and thinking in the UK national curriculum, for instance on personal choice and citizenship. Am I My Brother’s Keeper? offers a unique educational experience, through the use of evidence and personal testimony.

Also on display is "Forgive and do not Forget", an exhibition of shoes by ceramic artist Jenny Stolzenberg, symbolising the millions of individual lives lost in the Holocaust.

After its initial showing, the exhibition will be available as a permanent resource to travel to schools, colleges and libraries. Accompanying it will be a specially written educational resource pack, providing a range of activities to augment the exhibition in the classroom.

A stimulating series of events accompanies the exhibition. These include a talk by Sir Martin Gilbert and a concert ‘Songs of Ashes’ with music by Julian Dawes.

For more information, visit The Jewish Museum Listing on Virtual London.

The Jewish Museum (Finchley)
The Sternberg Centre, 80 East End Road, London, N3 2SY
Tel: +44 (0)20 8349 1143, Fax: +44 (0)20 8343 2162

Dates: 27th January - 8th June (extended to February 2004)

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Re: Exhibition - Am I My Brother’s Keeper? Rescue in the Holocaust

By Richard Wyland 03/03/2003, (Rating: 2.9 from 14872 votes)

I'll have to add this museum to my list of places to see.

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