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Who'd Want To Be A London Mayor - Conclusion

31/05/2000, By Richard, 7th Earl of Bradford

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Tony Blair finally received the unwelcome news that he had been steeling himself to expect, when an overwhelming majority of Londoners voted on May the 4th for Ken Livingstone as Mayor of London. At least Tony can console himself that the arrival of baby Leo has pushed his approval rating with voters up by nearly 5%. Ah, the vagaries of politics.

But will Red Ken pursue his former rather extreme policies that he espoused when he was Leader of the long-since defunct Greater London Council? Or can we welcome in new Pink Ken? Only time will tell.

Londoners wait with baited breath.

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Re: Who'd Want To Be A London Mayor - Conclusion

By Louis Marchiony Jr. 12/07/2002, (Rating: 2.9 from 15995 votes)

If Mr. Blair has too many political disappointments, he can always come here to the US, (which he seems to do with great frequency).

I was listening to one of our local New York City radio programs a couple of months ago. The host was convinced that Americans have no idea what is going on politically at all.

He sent the girl who usually does the traffic out to Washington Square Park across from NYU (New York University) armed with a microphone and a simple question, "Who is the Vice President of the United States?".

Our VP Mr. Cheney is rarely heard from. I think we saw more of Claude Raines in the picture THE INVISIBLE MAN than we see of him.

We do see a lot of Mr. Blair, though. In fact we see so much of him that three of the university students polled thought that Tony Blair was the Vice President!

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