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29/11/2000, By Richard, 7th Earl of Bradford

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We have been adding to the shopping area of Virtual London, firstly with VIP Direct,, a superb selection of branded goods, from such famous names as Canon, Samsonite, Philips, Wedgwood, and many more, at up to 59% under the normal British shop price - but for UK sales only.

More internationally, we have probably our most delightful site so far, featuring the exquisite small, hand-painted enamel boxes from Crummles & Co.

These could easily be described as the ideal Xmas present, as they really are mini masterpieces and definitely the antiques of the future, all at 25% under the normal British shop price, with free delivery world-wide.

Do have a look at the site, and tell us what you think of it.

VIP Direct Link:
VIP Enamels Link:

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