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31/10/2000, By Richard, 7th Earl of Bradford

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At long last our new version of Virtual London, has hit the screens world-wide. Apart from a completely new look - do let us know what you think of it - there is a huge increase in the content on the site. Masses more Attractions and Information, plus our Chat, Message Boards, Forum and much more.

We are going to be adding very considerably to the site over the next month, with five different Tour Groups, for instance, and a much wider selection of London Apartments, for those of you who want the freedom provided by your own front door in London.

Bertie Beefeater has a much-expanded role, and will now give you answers to the most asked questions about London, as well as Tips on where to go for advice.

Plus we are providing Discount Airfares and Hotels, with the addition of Holiday Packages.

Virtual London Link:

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