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The London Lantern Discussion Forum

A lot of people have asked me whether we could provide a Forum on the London Lantern website where they could make general postings, complaints or comments about London. Very simply, we will have a discussion area each month where you will be able to post your comments to the site, and then other visitors will be able to respond accordingly. Just...

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How to Use The London Lantern Website

I was delighted with the huge number of London Lantern subscribers that viewed our all new London Lantern website, and commented favourably - either in the Online Poll or directly by e-mail to me - but unfortunately they did not actually post their comments to the site.

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The London Lantern Web-Site Launched

As I forecast in the last issue of the Lantern, we have finally reached the stage when we felt that it was worthwhile to launch the London Lantern as a web-site of its own. It can be found at or, and offers the sort of interactivity that is impossible with an Online E-Zine.

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New Features On Virtual London

Over the past few weeks we have been spending some time enhancing and adding some new features to Virtual-London. We now have a selection of postcards (e-cards) which you can send from the site. There are views of Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square and a very odd character standing in Covent Garden Piazza.

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New Look Virtual London

We have been adding to the shopping area of Virtual London, firstly with VIP Direct,, a superb selection of branded goods, from such famous names as Canon, Samsonite, Philips, Wedgwood, and many more, at up to 59% under the normal British shop price - but for UK sales only.

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A New Look Virtual London

At long last our new version of Virtual London, has hit the screens world-wide. Apart from a completely new look - do let us know what you think of it - there is a huge increase in the content on the site. Masses more Attractions and Information, plus our Chat, Message Boards, Forum and much more.

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How To Ignore Virtual London?!

May 26th Dear Cliff, We are about to send out another London Lantern to 35,000 readers. Is there any chance of a further response from you that I can report on?

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Our New Restaurant Guide

To complement our two existing guides, The Traditional English Restaurants of London and The Fairly Priced Restaurants of London, we have just introduced our all-new, ultimate guide, listing nearly 5,500 restaurants throughout Britain.

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How Not To Treat Virtual London - Continued

I, apparently like many of your other readers who commented, received a very rude and obnoxious E-mail from Ms. Kerstin Schnabel-Macloud. I provided her the courtesy of a copy of my E-mail to you offering my apologies for her behaviour and was soundly berated and insulted for offering comment in matter that she considered to be none of my business.

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How Not To Treat Virtual London - Continued

My little exchange with Kerstin Schnabel-Macloud produced a veritable flood of responses from London Lantern readers. All of them expressing sympathy for me about her quite extraordinary behaviour, and requesting to receive a copy of her diatribe against the British tourist in Florida.

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How Not To Treat Virtual London

I received the following e-mail recently. “Hello, how are you? May I ask you a question? While searching for travel magazines/newspapers in England, I found your web-site. But, I haven't found anything I was looking for.

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